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Blessed Assurance Promise Box - Home Page
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Audio page - Over 7,200 MP3 ministry recordings - Over 900 speakers

Under development New audio website

New Video page - Over 70 MP4 videos - Over 20 speakers

Recommended speakers:

Audio - William Banks, Ivan Bowden, Peter Brandon, Jim Davies, George Gilland, Robert Goatley, Tom Heasley, Paul Iles, Ian Irvine, Lance Lee, Willie McVey, Norman Mellish, Peter Nicholson, Norm Nowell, Harold Paisley and F W Pucknell.

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As of 29th January 2014 this website will not be updated. It will run and be monitored for the forseeable future, but has been superceded by PromiseBoxAudio.com

It will take some time before PromiseBoxAudio.com has all the recordings on it, that BlessedAssurancePromiseBox.com has. We continue to digitise thousands more cassettes to add to the recordings we have.

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